Client: Camfil APAC

Corporate Branding (B2B) 

B2B targeted campaigns to better share more information the importance of clean air.

Content Planning, Graphic Design, Illustration, Project Management, Video Creation.

About the Video: A simpler way to understanding PM1 particulate matter - the bane of mortality

An extensive study (2013 to 2017) on particulate matter (PM) and mortality found that PM air pollution is a major risk factor of all-cause, cardiovascular and respiratory mortality. 

Comparatively, smaller size fractions of PM (such as PM1) have more harmful mortality impacts. To effectively reduce the adverse health effects of PM air pollution, more attention should be paid to fine and very fine particles. 

Read the detailed report and findings in the December 2018 issue of ‘Environmental International’ journal:

About the Video: Sharing more information about the 'World’s cleanest air' rankings.

Did you know that Finland has the world’s cleanest air?

According to statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the air in Finland is the cleanest - in the world.

Asia and Africa have some of the worst air quality, according to the WHO, with nine out of ten people worldwide breathing polluted air.

The lowest-ranking countries in the comparison were Uganda, Mongolia, Qatar, India and Cameroon. 

Read all about it via:

About the Video: Celebrating Human Rights Day and how breathing clean air is a human right​

On Human Rights Day, we want to highlight the importance of air quality, as breathing clean air is a human right.​​

With this short video, we invite you to dive with us under the surface of air quality. ​​

Now Take a Breath with Camfil and be aware of the insights – because this is your right:​​ ​

About the video: Sharing information on nitrogen dioxide and how it affects us and our health

We all know that nitrogen dioxide is harmful to us and our health.  But how and to what extent does it affect our lives?

Watch this brief video clip we’ve put together and read on: